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We can research a specific property that’s for sale, entire suburbs and even properties not yet on the market.

No matter what style of property, we can see who owns it, how much they paid for it, how long its been on the market and pricing strategies the selling agent is using.

Depending on location of the home we can attend the open home either with you or on your behalf. Provide you with feedback on the condition and what the neighbourhood vibe is, and plant the seed for a strong negotiation.

The primary reason to engage a buyer’s agent is to negotiate the purchase price. As we can see a lot of data behind the scene we can calculate a strong buying position and negotiate the best outcome for you, our client. Remember, the more we save you the more we make. Win Win

Even if you don’t engage a Buyer’s Agent, you need to engage a Solicitor, not your cousin who is in Family Law or even a conveyancer. A Real Estate Solicitor to ensure that you’re totally protected in the event of anything going wring during the process.  We have partnered with LawLab to get you the best legal services, utilising Docusign® and Rundl® to ensure the smoothest of transactions. Here is what Rob had to say about it…

Simple buying with Ian Bayly

Buying with Ian Bayly was a friendly and simple experience, considering the anxiety of buying a house. All interactions and requests were handled professionally and promptly. Ian’s familiarity with and use of LawLab for conveyancing made everything streamlined and transparent, keeping the tracking simple.” ~ Rob E: Toowoomba

As part of our service, we can introduce you to mortgage brokers in your area who are skilled at all types of buyers. No matter if you’re a first home buyer, SMSF, business owner or have a few battle scars on your credit report. A mortgage broker can help just about anyone, but we won’t just introduce you to any old mortgage broker, they have to meet our high standards of service.

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