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We’re a unique, specialist buyers agency focused solely on negotiating the purchase of luxury and lifestyle property in South East Queensland. 

Finding the right home can at times be really easy, and at other times very difficult; you may not even live in the state for example.

Having Brisbane buyers agents on your side to take care of all your requirements, negotiate the lowest possible price and assist you with the building, pest, and financial aspects can certainly take the pressure off your next purchase.

Slacks Creek

Baylys negotiated my first home. Ian is always available for and/or with advice and thinking outside the box would have to be a specialty of his. Once you have made a decision, Ian is relentless in negotiations and he is the person you want on your team.

Scott. T

Centenary Heights

Buying with Ian Bayly was a friendly and simple experience, considering the anxiety of buying a house. All interactions and requests were handled professionally and promptly.

Ian’s familiarity with and use of SmartLaw for conveyancing made everything streamlined and transparent, keeping the tracking simple.

Rob. E


Ian is very helpful and hard working. He is always approachable to guide me through every step of the searching/buying process. He is always willing to share his knowledge about realestate and have his buyer’s interest at heart. He was able to save me a lot during a really tough market for buyers. I will definitely work with him again if I need to buy another property

Ken. W

@realty Brisbane North

One of the most diligent, hardworking and honest buyer agents going around. They also take a different approach that is refreshing to the standard format. When considering a buyers agent you need not look any further than Baylys Buying Agents.

Andrew Botwright
LawLab Conveyancing

Bayly's BRISBANE BUYERS AGENTS have partnered with LawLab

The lawlab team has a vast experience in the property and conveyancing industry and to guide you through the process of purchasing, selling or transferring the ownership of your property.

Lawlab’s conveyancing process becomes faster thanks to our collaboration platform Rundl. Rundl enables us to coordinate all parties, including solicitors, lenders, real estate agents and brokers and settle faster.

Lawlab handles all types of property conveyancing including the sale and purchase of residential and commercial properties, off the plan apartments SMSF purchases and house and land packages.

It doesn’t matter where you are based or where you are buying, we provide a national streamlined conveyancing service and have a team of legal professionals with experience that covers all of Australia.

Lawlab believe conveyancing should be a stress free and convenient process for everyone involved, and with this in mind we have created a new streamlined approach to conveyancing.

Frequently asked questions

As you may be aware, a seller’s agent has a legal duty to represent the interests of their client. So when you, as a lay person is negotiating to buy a home, you’re dealing with not only a trained professional who’s job is to know how to negotiate, but they are also legally required to only protect their clients interests; not yours.

A Buyer’s agent is the complete opposite; they have a legal duty to represent their client to get the best price possible. As they are trained the same as the selling agent, you have engaged a professional to negotiate with another professional. I mean if you’re in a legal battle and your opposing side has a lawyer, would you show up and represent yourself? While you can, it’s not the wisest choice right?

Licensing in Australia is state based; We hold both corporate licence for the Company and personal licences for the agents just for the state of Queensland. And while we primarily service SEQ, we can negotiate on your behalf on any property in the state. Feel free to discuss your requirements with us and we can let you know how we can benefit your purchase.

The level of service will depend on locality. In most cases, we include:

  • Researching the property market for homes for sale and homes that are not even on the market that you may like.
  • Researching the desired property’s history, who owns it, why they’re selling, what they paid for it, appraise its true value, and back it all up with data.
  • Attending open homes
  • Negotiating the price and terms
  • Assisting with getting a good solicitor/ Mortgage Broker/ Insurance etc…
  • Securing the deal so it sticks.

Great question. Most buyer’s agents are paid a percentage of the purchase price. So this means, the more you pay for a property, the more they make. 3% of a 1 Million dollar home is $30,000. That’s $30k you have to pay on top of your purchase price.

How we get paid is in our opinion the only way a Buyer’s Agent should be paid. That is 20% of what we save you off the listing price. So in the previous example of a 1 Million dollar property, if we negotiate that price down to $900,000 and save you $100,000, we then take 20% of that savings = $20,000. Your net purchase price is $920,000 with Baylys and 1.03 million with other Buyer’s Agents. I think I know which is both ethical and in the best interest of the buyer.

Our fees are only payable at settlement of the purchase, and it’s done via the conveyancer when all accounts are paid. That way, you’re never out of pocket.

Gold Coast Buying Agents

why should you pay more?

Most buying agents will charge you a % of the purchase price or budget. We don’t think this is in your best interests. Why? Well, they are not motivated to save you money, in fact, the more you spend on the home, the more they make.

At Bayly’s, we feel the ethical way is to work hard to get the price as low as possible.  We will only charge you a % of the amount we save you. So if we save you $100,000, then our bill is based off that. The more we save you, the more we make. Now that’s fair!

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